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Music is our passion and every event is personalized with that fine taste for quality and atmosphere.

I’m Cristian-Daniel, Dj in Cluj and I want to invite you to meet me and my Playtime team through the different forms of fun:

With over 20 years experience at different events from Transylvania, Europe, USA & Asia, good music keep us playing at the best parties . We perform at events such as weddings and baptisms that combine modern elements with the tradition brought to this day; banquets and student parties with a more active and energetic approach; corporate parties that disconnect you from the work environment but also show you the fun part of colleagues and managers; clubs, with different concepts and focusing on different niches; festivals that gather all people sincere, beautiful and eager for new experiences. From commercial, corporate, production & home studio to international projects, with the SNOW fest & Skipass team in Austria, France, Italy + summer events in Greece, Bulgaria and great projects such as TiMAF, Share Cluj, UNTOLD,  WinterTour and other events, we have been experimenting with them for a number of years, and take them step by step towards a new approach, along with my colleagues from CDj.

We use professional sound, NEXT range and light equipment: led bar & moving heads. Also, can make complex productions as you see at big concerts or festivals, depending on the budget allocated for the event.

Meet you on the dance floor !