DJ Carkeys

Music is the language of passion, the art of thinking with sound, the universal language of mankind, through which human feelings can be communicated in the same way in all hearts.

The experience gained in the 20 years of activity is reflected in the many important locations in the country (Tutankhamun, Zaza, Midi, Bermudas, Zink, Decadence, Desire, Rehab – Cluj, The One – Tg Mures, Skye – Iasi, Insomnia (Egg – London, Opium – Barcelona, ​​Drive – Ukraine, Sankeys – Ibiza, …), residing in radio shows (domestic and international)

Dj means for Raul Rusu , a person who gives his soul to the public, creates emotions with the sounds and transmits a positive vibration during the performance.
He started this road from an early age, his father being a drummer to a well-known Cluj band, get with him to different events . This was the first contact with the rhythm followed by the dj road which has now reached over 20 years of experience in various residences in the country but also benefits outside it: Spain, UK, Holland, Greece, Croatia, France etc.

Genres: tech house, deep house, progressive house, techno, trance, edm, pop, rock, oldies, latino, r & b, folcor,

Wedding is the event full of emotions and unique moments, the level of experience of a dj in the artistic program is very important, from preliminary discussions, choosing songs for the main moments to spontaneity at the wedding, leading to a successful event musical view.
Corporate is the event where lucky employees get a party from the bosses, an event that almost everyone knows about and the stories do not stop there … here comes the dj and creates another story for the next day.
He has the duty to make and maintain the atmosphere throughout the party. He’s always ensure that the set schedule is followed closely and prepared to diminish and overcome the negative effects that an undesirable, fickle, incident would produce. The musical program is very complex including various genres of music from 60-70, 80, 90 to the latest hits. The playlist is carefully chosen to please younger and oldest guests.
The success of the events he’s invited to are just as important to Raul as they are for the people who are organizing these events.

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